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Gravity eliminates the need for wort pumps, which in turn makes equalization of wort flow to the boil kettle from the mash tun easier to match with hot water flow from the hot liquor tank to the mash tun during fly sparging.  Gravity systems are arguably the easiest systems to use making them advantageous over other systems that require pumps, which involve more work and more cost... yup, the pump.

Our GS1000 series gravity home brew stand is available in three preset sizes to accommodate different brew kettles.  See below for more details.  Customs configurations are also available.

Our GS1010 system has the mash tun burner shelf sitting at 3'4" high, making it very accessible.


GS-1000 Series gravity home brew stand burner box

gravity homebrew stand

Accommodates up to 60 qt pots
For the 10 gallon brewer

Accommodates up to 80 qt pots
For the 15 gallon brewer

Accommodates up to 100 qt pots
For the 20 gallon brewer

Price: $590 stand w/ burner manifold

With 3 brew tanks: $1,350

Height = 55"
Width = 36" base, 41" overall
Depth = 24"

Price: $590 stand w/ burner manifold

With 3 brew tanks: $1,470

Height = 61"
Width = 36" base, 41" overall
Depth = 24"

Price: $625 stand w/ burner manifold
Includes extra support

With 3 brew tanks: $1,590

Height = 67"
Width = 36" base, 41" overall
Depth = 24"


Designed to accommodate heavy duty brew kettles ranging from 32qt (for the 5 gallon brewer), to 100qt pots.  Our middle configuration (GS1015),  accommodates 80 qt pots allowing the 10 gallon home brewer to mash larger beers, or allow you to boil 15 gallon batches.  With the 80qt mash tun option you'll now have no problem mashing an all grain Russian Imperial Stout or other big beer.  While most 10 gallon systems may top out at around 30-35 pounds of grain, you will be able to fit 40-45 pounds of grain in your mash!  Visit our products pages to find brew pots at competitive prices!

This is the system to grow with!  You can start with a brew kettle on the lower shelf, and use cooler's/ice chests for your mash tun or HLT, or even use a keggle for an HLT...  you can even make this a fully functional keggle system with pumps while you are waiting to upgrade to heavy duty kettles.

Plumbed with 3 high pressure cast iron burners capable of putting out 170,000 BTU's.  Each independently controlled by a ball valve.  You will need to purchase a 20 psi propane regulator with a 3/8" flare connection to connect to your propane tank.  Each system is pressure tested.  No problem running 2 burners at once.  3 burners will also work well with minimal pressure loss to any burner.

Our Home brewing stands also feature casters that allow easy maneuverability by tipping the stand back with the kettles removed.  A great way to move your brew stand for remote brewing, or just to bring it away from the wall on your brew day.

Gas system or stand can be customized to fit your needs.  To order or for inquiries, please contact 
or call (626) 536-1846, or look at our ordering info page.

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